Monitored Security Systems

no contracts

Big name alarm monitoring companies lock you into a contract with really high payments every month. WEATHERFORD INTERNET has found a way around that and still offers you the same protection as the other guys.

same equipment as the big guys

The truth is, there is only a hand full of tech companies making the same alarm panels that every big player in the industry is using.

Weatherford Internet has an account with distributors that carry that equipment and can get it to you for the same price.

how does it work?

With a traditional big name alarm monitoring company you pay upwards of $50 to $150 a month and you are locked into a contract! What we have done at Weatherford Internet is broken down the home security business, we have found a way to get you the same great service and same equipment, but with low monthly cost and no contract!

How is that possible?

We come out and assess your security needs, after deciding the best solution for your home, we contact those suppliers we mentioned earlier and order your system directly from the distributor. You pay for your system upfront so there's no hidden fees and no high payments. HINT: "This is how you keep your monthly bill down" When your system comes in we come out and install it, and set up your monitoring service with one of the countries top alarm monitoring hubs. THATS IT. Its that simple.

the break down

So here's the scoop. The days of high priced alarm companies getting rich off you the consumer are over. We buy the equipment straight from the dealer, we install it for you, and set you up with a certified monitoring hub at a fraction of the cost. You get the same equipment, same software, same apps, same monitoring. NO CONTRACTS OR LONG TERM AGREEMENTS

How much does monitoring cost?

I'm glad you asked, this is going to blow your mind. Did you know that you can get standard alarm monitoring for as little as $10 a month?

That's right, the big guys are making a killing. The reason your bill is so high and you are locked in a contract with the name brand companies is that you are paying for your equipment and they still have to make money in the process. When you buy your equipment outright, there's no need for a contract.

how much does the equipment cost?

Equipment cost varies based on the size of your home and what it is that you really want. Do you need thermostat control? How about keyless entry? All of these things play a roll in the cost but it's still really low. The basic system will usually only run you around $549 installed.

economy package

Wireless and cellular connected you get the control panel, three door/window strikes, and one motion detector

549.00 installed

Serving Orangeburg, Santee, Vance, Eutawville, Bamberg and surrounding areas.