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TEMPERATURE monitoring Devices sales & installation 

Scan employees and customers at the door.
Use our CMS software to record and monitor employees and visitors. The live interface will trigger an alarm when the
temperature exceeds the threshold, an optional voice alarm will alert you in case of an event. Real-time snapshots with
temperature values.

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video surveillance for any business

Retail Sectors

Department store managers are continually struggling with how to deal with the threats of shoplifting and employee theft. Luckily, HD surveillance camera systems will help decrease these occurrences by discouraging would-be criminals, and aiding in the effective prosecution of those who choose to proceed with their malicious intent .

Video Surveillance for department stores

Product Loss Prevention – Retail break-ins and stock shrinkage is a major problem for departments stores. Security video cameras contribute to reducing losses by functioning as a deterrent, as well as by detecting suspicious activity in real time. Whenever shoplifting is observed on camera, surveillance staffers may be immediately sent to the scene.

Gas Station Video Surveillance

Theft Prevention – Having security cameras displayed prominently near cash registers or above a gas station, pumps will help curb and prevent theft. They will help you identify vehicle license plates and the car type in the event someone steals gas or use the vehicle during a robbery.

Surveillance Video & Security Cameras for your Store

When considering security cameras for your convenience stores you need to key in on those key areas that are most vulnerable towards theft and petty crimes. Installing the correct video surveillance system is extremely important and it will help protect your customers, employees, as well as your assets. Benefits of Video Surveillance

Advantages of Installing CCTV in Liquor Shops

Monitor several locations at once – Owning several liquor stores or a chain of liquor stores is not a problem anymore. With the rise of modern NVRs ( Network Video Recorders) you can now monitor and record multiple locations from virtually anywhere. You can see all your stores from one location or create a group of your most important cameras to monitor.

Home Surveillance

Protect your home and family with a high definition home security camera system. We can do a full assessment of your property and make sure every inch of your home is protected.

8 mega pixel cameras available

Eclipse Signature ESG-IPB8V2-Z 4K HD 8 Megapixel Motorized Zoom IP Bullet Camera

Eclipse Signature ESG-IPD8V2-Z 4K HD 8 Megapixel Motorized Zoom IP Dome Camera

the answer is YES!

we have you covered!
Weatherford Internet Consulting is an authorized Dealer for Eclipse Surveillance and ONLY install the latest and best technology. 

CONVENIENCE Store surveillance

Let us help you protect your business with a new IP security camera system.


16, 32 and 48 camera systems available. Let us custom design a multie level camera system to suit your needs.


Your family is your most valuable possession. Let us help you protect what matters the most.

business class

Doctor, lawyers and other professional business all benefit from 24 hour surveillance

Voice Over IP Business Class Phone Service in South Carolina



You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

If you are a business owner concerned about efficiency and cost-effective solutions for telecommunications, then Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems and service from Digi-Cloud PBX are worth looking into.

When making a call to a well know company, it seems like VoIP services are answering most, if not all, of the telephone systems these days. In saying that, I want to take a moment to answer some of the questions, you may have about VoIP communication solutions.

What is Voice over IP?

Voice over IP is a method of making and receiving phone calls over an internet connection using a Voice Over

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Voice Over IP | Affordable Internet Phone Service In South Carolina

  The Top 6 Benefits of Moving to a VoIP Telephone System   If you are a business owner concerned about efficiency

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